REDS Racing is pleased to release their new WRX High Efficiency 3.4cc engine.The new engine has specifically been developed to noticeably reduce fuel consumption allowing drivers to get more than 9 minutes runtime.

Reds Racing Team have been working together on several aspects of WRX Corsa Lunga engine to get: reduced displacement 3.4cc, a special High Efficiency crankshaft with a restrictor to get improved fuel mileage and the new VCX3 carburetor. Furthermore, we have recently developed 2113 off road pipe, if combined with L manifold guarantees a superior performance.

Stock Number: #ENBU0019

Displacement: 3.40 cc

Bore: 16.03 mm

Stroke: 16.80 mm

Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000

Fuel Consumption: higher than 9 minutes (You can get more than 10 minutes with optimal tuning and break in conditions)

Weight: 350 g

Recommended exhaust: 2113 buggy  pipe and L manifold #KM210010

Includes: TS3 Turbo glow plug, exhaust gasket, 6.5 mm carb venturi, dust cap set