NUCLEAR ASM .21 R02SP Type 5


We are pleased to announce high end Japanese brand Nuclear have introduced their new ultra-high performance ASM R02SP Type 5 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. 

Further development on the Type 4 platform the latest variant features modified internals such as conrod, sleeve, piston pin and cover plate to ensure a maximum of performance. 

In addition, the piston received a special treatment to greatly reduce friction while keeping full compression, further upping overall performance. The special treatment ensures less wear on the piston, which gives you a longer life span of the piston and also the performance/power of the engine will last longer under it´s life span. No significant decrease in POWER over the engines life span with this special treatment.

The engine comes with the C1 combustion camber insert for increased torque and it is available with the M1 or fixed venturi M2 carburettor.