Schumacher MISSION FT - S2 - KIT


The Mission FT is an ideal introduction to the popular front wheel drive class.

The Mission FT is based on Schumacher’s fast, durable, and race proven Mission platform. It features a forward motor position for maximum traction and fully adjustable suspension with alloy threaded shocks to handle the toughest carpet

or asphalt tracks. The strong driveshafts can cope with the rigors of fronty class racing, even with powerful modified motors. Should you want try your hand at 4WD the Mission FT can easily be converted into a great handling 4WD touring car. In either 2WD or 4WD configuration the Mission FT is fun to drive, and awesome to race.

Motor positioned closely behind the front axle – perfect for FWD

Forward weight distribution – for better traction

Alloy motor mount - Strength and motor heat dissipation

Gear differential – offers maximum adjustability and low maintenance

Large differential and layshaft pulleys - Minimises belt loading without the belt jumping and maximises belt efficiency

Alloy front driveshaft bone and steel axle – great for both weight and strength

Lightweight alloy rear axles – low inertia for increased acceleration

12 piece ball bearing set - Ultra low rolling resistance

Single-pivot steering for optimal Ackermann

Rear in-board toe-in options - For excellent traction on slippery surfaces

Rear out-board toe-in options via track rod – quick toe in adjustments

Front and rear anti-roll bars included

Threaded shock bodies – fast and easy ride height adjustments

Lightweight front bumper design

Shorty LiPo and Full Length LiPo compatibility

Quick release battery mounting – no tape required