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Capricorn TE06 MDM (Carbon)

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Capricorn RC has just released its latest 1:10 Electric Touring Car, the TE-06.  Patrizio Rossi’s design places a decisive emphasis on concreteness, distancing itself from ephemeral trends to focus on what he believes is truly essential: offering a vehicle that is fast, intuitive to drive and simple to maintain.  This model, like all those by Capricorn, boasts an entirely Italian production, characterised by fine finishes.  The peculiarity of the TE-06 lies in its shock dampers, noticeably short and placed in an unusually low position, fixed to new design arms made of composite.  The distinctive detail of the aluminium parts, among which the engine support stands out, presenting itself as a true masterpiece, embellished with the red color symbol of the company.  Completing its innovative features is the dynamic toe-in system located on the rear axle.

This model is proposed as the ideal option for those who wish to approach the world of racing without having to get lost in complications and often superfluous adjustments.  Furthermore, with the aim of making the TE-06 accessible to a wider audience, Capricorn has established a particularly competitive selling price, thus giving the opportunity to appreciate the exceptional qualities of this model to a greater number of enthusiasts.