Corner Speed RC MAXI FREE 2 CV Joint Lube (10ml)


Corner Speed RC Maxi Free 2 Dry CV Joint Lube is an improvement and a replacement of the very popular Maxi Free CV Joint Lube. It is as durable as grease but being as easy to apply and smooth as oil. This new formula has been re-engineered to maximize the drive train efficiency and be more environment friendly. Maxi Free 2 dry lube provides a cleaner, super dry and more durable protective layer that attracts even less dust for longer lasting, extra free joints as well as being easier to store and carry. The lube comes with two different type of tips. Ideal for both on/off road applications.


- Long lasting

- Super dry lube

- Doesn’t attract dirt

- Extra smooth operation

- Feature two different types of tips, easier to apply on small parts.