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Pipe behavior

We are glad to release a new Hard Coated version of Reds Racing X-ONE off-road pipe-manifold all-in-one system. The new X-ONE PRO exhaust has been produced with a dark grey Hard Coated treatment to increase its strength. Furthermore, the new exhaust comes welded to the header to improve performance and fuel consumption. 

After a year of development  we managed to get not only a stronger exhaust but also the improvements below:

- Higher resistance to impacts.

- Higher resistance to scratches. 

- Easy to clean thanks to the special Hard Coating that avoids dust, mud and burned oil to stick to the exhaust so easily.

- Better performance and improved resonance thanks to an increase in stiffness.

With all Reds Racing X-ONE exhaust systems there is no need of using or replacing springs or gaskets. No maintenance and assembly needed for a better reliability and tuning stability! 

We have decided to release 2 different versions of the same exhaust:

2143 X-ONE Torque: smoother power output and higher top speed 

2143 X-ONE High Torque: higher torque and mid range power

2143 X-ONE-PRO